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What does a Lighthouse Point Luxury Home constitute? It could mean different things to different folks. Although Lighthouse Point Real Estate has a number of Mac Mansions to boast about, Luxury Homes to most residents can be translated to include the community where you live in. A modest older home fits very well into the slot of Luxury because of the lifestyle Lighthouse Point has to offer.

It certainly is a very laid back and quiet in Lighthouse Point. No wonder that Lighthouse Point with its tree lined trees is a certified Tree City. Erica Davey was also the Team Leader in a three year effort to get Lighthouse Point Luxury homes certified as a National Wildlife Habitat City; the 5th City in Florida and the 28th in the Nation. An achievement that she is very proud of.  

There are about 18 miles of deep water canals in Lighthouse Point Real Estate which all open out to the Intracoastal and through the Hillsboro Inlet to the Atlantic Ocean. Great diving and big game fishing is at our doorstep.

It could be said that Lighthouse Point is a fairly affluent city which is reflected in home prices in the upper regions. There are few vacant lots available and the renewal of new modern Homes are mostly done on the site of a so-called knock-down.

Erica Davey specializes in Lighthouse Point Luxury Homes. Erica is also the only Realtor that presents her Luxury Listings among other with professionally filmed and edited lifestyle Mini-Movies. GOTO  and see some examples. You can also call her at 954 695 4211 or e-mail at

You will be surprised at the quality of her service with Lighthouse Point Luxury Homes












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